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Prosper, A New Way To “Office”!

We’re happy to have recently attended the grand opening of Prosper. This mid-century modern historical building has been adaptively repurposed into a multi-tenant office space, showcasing a new way to work. The collaborative environment provides 25 offices constructed with privacy in mind, conference rooms, break rooms, and printing areas. The exterior windows, full glass rear views, and interior storefront provide a naturally lit and vibrant space.

The site is located on the Wade Hampton Boulevard corridor into the City of Greenville. This major thoroughfare is soon to receive a major facelift, as part of the City of Greenville’s improvement plan. Prosper’s Developer, Kurt Wallenborn of Franklin Real Estate Development, saw the location and building as a hidden gem along the budding corridor.

“Thanks to the creative teams of SHLTR, P+F Construction, Spatial Planning, and Studio Main the vision I had for the former McBride Office Supply building has been brought to life. Prosper is a welcoming and vital space for people to work and flourish as a community of professionals who focus on integrity and quality services.”

Each element of the project was thoughtfully selected by SHLTR and Franklin Real Estate Development, from the light fixtures down to the door hardware. These careful decisions and attention to detail are exhibited in the finish product. “We are thankful to have worked with such a wonderful team”, said Steve Foushee, VP - Project Management at P+F Construction. “This will be an amazing for facility for anyone who has the opportunity to work in the space.”

P+F Construction is a full-service construction firm with a wide variety of project experience. For more information about P+F, and how we can help meet your needs, please check out our website or contact us directly.

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